Dance the night away. Custom printed floors capture the essence and focal point of the event design to incorporate the event’s theme and style while portraying a clear and concise visual for guests. From monograms, logos, photos and custom designs, floor prints range from all colors, sizes and shapes. Take any image or idea and let the WOW Factors design team create a truly custom dance floor for you.

Any size floor wrap can be produced

and applied on all floor sizes from a

small monogram to a full cover edge

to-edge print. These custom printed

floor wraps are designed and printed

in-house with slip-resistant lamination,

to ensure durability for high traffic, and

are complete with adhesive for temporary


Using a high resolution file, our graphics

department can use your already designed

file, or our talented team can custom

design any graphic. Our professional

graphics and installation team will apply

the floor wrap at venues in our markets.

Metallic prints also are available to

incorporate onto your floor. Please speak

with your event specialist for pricing

and logistics.


Custom Flooring Options

  • Cut patterns

  • Full cover edge-to-edge

  • Logos

  • Metallics

  • Monograms

  • Photographic images

  • Wedding Designs


Custom designed walls give the look you want – your vision, your design, your size, your way. With infinite possibilities, the possibilities truly are endless. Using various types of materials, our graphics and installation team will custom design and either adhere to existing walls or create a faux wall.

Each surface is custom made-to

order so the quality standards meet

your requirements. Superior detail

and uniformity is unmatched by

conventional wall designs.


Whether it be intricate patterns up-lit

in a highend event space, a custom

designed graphic, a high resolution 

photo in an existing frame or faux

frames designed to look realistic, the desired look is only a few steps away.


Custom Wall Options

  • Custom patterns

  • Faux wall panels

  • Framed photographs

  • Cut-out lettering

  • Monograms

  • Photographic images

  • Wedding Designs


Perfect for adding custom design into your event – front windows, restroom mirrors or doors. Add the company’s logo to the entrance window of the corporate meeting, have the wedding monogram placed front and center on the large reception windows or celebrate the bar or bat mitzvah with a heartfelt message to your son or daughter.

Don’t fall flat. Incorporate windows

and mirrors into your event design.

Use cut-out white vinyl in a pattern

across mirrors to preserve the

reflective surface while adding a

touch of flair or use a complete

cover across windows for a powerful

event message to guests as they

experience the event.


Using unexpected surfaces in your

event will create that “wow” moment

for guests while bringing your event

brand to life. Branding unexpected

surfaces will give your event edge

while adding that creative flair to be

a one ofa kind experience.


Branded Window Options

  • Opaque vinyl

  • Clear vinyl

  • Perforated

  • Frosted

  • Vinyl letter

  • Photographic images

  • Wedding Designs

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