Nickel Plated 33" Candelabras with Bowl

Bowls and candles offer plenty of decorative potential.  Gorgeous Nickel Plated Candelabras from Wow-Factors make an alluring addition to your decorative motif. This heavy duty design begins with a bottom that includes a sleek raised disc that touches the floor or table and provides balance for the tall upper half. The bottom transitions into a smooth neck that rises from the center with a few delicate accents molded in to provide gentle detail. The stem dips inward just below a series of four curled arms adorned with a lovely candle holder. The piece crescendos with a bowl perfect for floral accent or any host of inventive decor elements.
  • Features:

    -Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction
    -4 Arms
    -Accent Bowl
    -60" Floor Stand Height or "36 Table-Top Height Available

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