Frequently asked questions

Who can I talk to about my event?

Our hightly trained event specialists will evaluate the space for your event to determine the best indoor and outdoor layout. We make recommendations to best suit your event and will serve as your #1 resource. No matter who you speak with , you can rest assured that we are extremely knowedgeable and will accomodate your needs. Don't worry...we've seen it all!

What areas does WOW Factors serve?

Our uniformed delivery team primarely serves the Indianapolis, IN area and surrounding cities, however we have the ability to travel out of state for events as well. The delivery/pick-up fee is based on the delivery ZIP code. Please see the Delivery Area Map.

Will there be someone on-site at my event?

An event technician is available to provide support with rental equipment issues that may occur. For an additional charge, we will have our technician remain on-site for the event duration. This service must be scheduled prior to delivery.

Can our event be setup and taken down?

Absolutely! We provide se up and strike services for all of our furniture and decor products. To best serve you we limit our product handling to our most experienced WOW Factors team. We deliver, set up all products to their exact location and will remove all products so you don't have to worry. We do this to ensure the highest quality product and to completely satisfy our customers.

What happens if I need help after regular hours?

We provide an on-call technician 24 hours a day 7 days a week for emergency situations for our current customers. If you are a current customer and have an emergency after business hours and need to speak to someone immediately please call 317-954-3683 to reach WOW Factors after hours emergency line.

What are your office hours?

The Corporate Office is open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Our warehouse hourse are Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Our 502 East Event Center Office is open Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Do I need to make an appointment to visit WOW Factors

Yes, due to our busy event schedules, all meetings with a member of our sales team are "By Appointment Only". We are happy to set up an appointment to meet with you to answer any questions you may have. Please call our Corporate Office at 317-574-9691 to schedule an appointment with one of our Event Specialists.

Looking for something you don't see?

If you're looking for a particular item and don't see it on our website, ask our event specialists or make a suggestion at or 317-574-9691. The item you're looking for might alredy be under consideration; plus, we love getting new ideas from our customers!

How and when do I pay?

You may pay by check or credit card, and a 50% deposit is required to secure your reservation. The balance of the order is due seven (7) business days prior to delivery. Customers who are picking up their items from our warehouse location can pay the final balance upon pick-up and they must present a drivers license at the time of payment. For established event professionals we offer a house account option and a tax exempt form available on our Resource Forms Page. We accept the following forms of payment: personal and business checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

What is your cancellation policy?

Canceling your reservation or removing equipment entirely from your reservation will result in the following fees: 30 or more days prior to the event date on this order - Forfeit 50% of the total equipment costs. 0-29 days prior to the event date on this order - Forfeit 100% of the total equipment costs. NOTE: Custom / Sub-rented items cannot be canceled or reduced once order is placed.

I am ready to make my reservation. How do I go about placing my order?

Call our office at 317-574-9691 or email us at and speak with an event specialist. Please provide us with your name, billing address, contact info, and the date and times of your event so that we can enter your informatino into our system. We will check availability, go over pricing and answer any questions you may have. If everything is available, we will email you over an invoice contract and our customer agreement that requires your signature as well as a 50% deposit. Please note that you may feel free to make changes after a contract has been signed and deposit given.

How far in advance should I begin planning and reserving rentals for my event?

WOW Factors doesn't have a specific requirement, however, once you have chosen a date and know what you need, do not hesitate to call us and make a reservation. For weddings and large annual events, depending on the time of year - we suggest reserving four months to one year in advance. Smaller events can be accommodated with much shorter notice. Remember, everything is always pending availability.

Do you have a minimum order?

No! If you are having an intimate dinner party for six and need six charger plates and flatware settings, we are happy to help. We are glad to help in any way that WOW Factors is needed for your event.

How do I know what quantities to order for my party?

This is always a tough question, especially because, who knows your guests better than you, the host? We have found a few different resources that can help you decide on your numbers: EXHIBITOR Magazine "Hospitality Rules of Thumb" - They discuss cash bar versus open bar, space configurations and food/beverage needs. Also, VERTERRA Dinnerwar's "Party Calculator" works as a great tool.

What size linen do I need for my table?

Refer to the table linen guide on the Resources Page under the About Us tab.

Delivery & Pick-Up

Our delivery service representatives are experienced professionals familier with all our products and are available to handle your order, big or small! In calculating charges for delivery and pick-up, we consider several factors including: The zip code of the destination. Order size; larger orders may require additional staff for handling the delivery. Requests for delivery inside a building and/or set up of items. Before finalizing your order, consult a member of our team. Estimated pricing does not include set up or tear down, special timed deliveries, or deliveries beyond the first floor/dock level. Deliveries and pick-ups can be expected between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.. Please call our office if you have not received your delivery by your delivery time and we can give you an estimated time frame.

Do I need to be present when WOW Factors delivers or picks up equipment?

As long as we have a signed contract and have gone over all detailsprior to installing, you do not need to be present. We do need a phone number where you can be reached on the day of your delivery or pick-up. To ensure that we are all on the same page, it helps to make a diagram with your event specialist that will be passed on to our delivery staff.

My event is on a Saturday, but I'd like to have the items delivered on Friday. Will this add to my rental cost?

No. For weekend events, we will gladly deliver on Friday and pick-up on Saturday evening once the event has ended, or on the following Monday. The prices we publis include a 1-3 day rental. However, we do make exceptions for events out of the area, as well as for accommodating your-and sometimes our delivery staff's-schedules. Anything rented longer than one week or used for more than one event require 1.5x or larger rental fees. Please inquire with your event specialist for specific pricing.

Are there any additional charges in which I may incur?

You may be charged a hauling fee if your delivery site requires that our staff take an excessive route upon delivery. In addition, upon pick up, if our equipment is not found in the same manner that is was delivered, you may incur a labor charge. For example, if you order 100 chairs and did not pay for labor to have our delivery staff set up and tear them down, just as they were delivered, they need to be bagged and on pallets upon pick-up. If there are any missing, broken or damaged items, you may incur charges for thses items (stated on your contract).

How do you handle last minute changes (within three days of delivery)?

Please note that on most of our deliveries, we are loading up trucks one day in advance and often leave early in the morning. Equipment cancelled from your order within three days prior to delivery may be subject to a 20% restocking fee. If the truck has already left WOW Factors, you are responsible for paying for the items in full. Equipment added to your order on the same day of your event may require an additional one-way delivery fee, or you are wilcome to come and pick up the item from our location if the items are available. Keep in mind that our trucks are often out making numerous deliveries in a day. If you ordered an afternoon delivery, the truck very well may have left by 8 a.m., which is why we try to handle changes to orders in advance.

Do I have to wash the dishes and glasses after our event?

We only ask that you rinse them - and that dishes are food free (scraped). Also, please put them back in the crates or boxes in which they were delivered. The cost of actually washing the items is included in your rental fee (stated on your contract)

What happens if we break any glasses? Or stain the linens?

If there are any missing or broken items upon return, you may recieve a bill for replacement costs. In regards to linens, please review the fees stated in your contract. Extra cleaning charges for each linen damaged by wax, mildew and stains: Cotton and Poly - $25 each Satin and Taffeta - $35 each Specialty Linens - Replacement cost (unable to remove)

What is your Equipment Protection Plan?

Customers have the option to accept WOW Factors Equipment Protection Plan by paying an additional 15% of the net rental rate for all applicable rental items. If customer accepts the Equipment Protection Plan, then WOW Factors waives all claims against customers for accidental breakage or damage to rental items, with the exception of third party sub rentals or custom items, that occurs despite usage and handeling with reasonable care. Items not returned to WOW Factors within seven (7) days after your event are billed the full replacement cost. The Equipment Protection Plan is not insurance and it does not cover: Rental items not returned Theft Damage resulting from vandalism or intentional or improper misuse. Damage resulting from failure to secure rental items during transport or overloading or exceeding the rated capacity of the rental items. Damage to motors or other electrical appliances or devices caused by artificial current Any damage resulting from overturning Any damage resulting from use of the rental items in violation of any profision of our agreement or violation of any law, ordinance or regulation Any damage due to weather Any damage to third party sub rental items, custom items or specialty linens.

What are your rental rates?

The Base Rental Rates cover a period of up to three days, allowing delivery or client pick-up two (2) days before and return two (2) days after the event. See below for additional fees for longer rental periods. Prices are subject to change without notice. 1-2 days - Base Rental Rate 3-5 days - Base Rental Rate X 2 6-10 days - Base Rental Rate X 3 11-17 days - Base Rental Rate X 4 18-24 days - Base Rental Rate X 5 25-31 days - Base Rental Rate X 6